Hammered Copper Sinks Bring Luxury into Your Bathroom

Everybody dreams to live in the lap of the luxury. But very few can make that dream a reality. Don’t you like to add at least one luxurious equipment to your home? A hammered copper bathroom sink is such an item that brightens your home with rustic beauty. After all, a copper sink in the bathroom means a long-term investment. It’s costlier, but more advantageous than buying a normal sink. A copper bathroom sink offers you lots of benefits that make you comfortable both physically and mentally.  A troublesome sink often creates stress in you. But a hammered copper sink is always the best in the market. So, it relieves your stress and offers you a comfortable life style.

Some people believe copper as a metal that turns green. But it’s only a myth. Copper never turns green or fades. Instead, it re-patinas, looks visually richer and stays forever beautiful. Copper sinks won’t stain, if you do not let them contact with acidic substances such as lime and orange juice. Usually, these juices don’t happen to come into the bathroom. So, copper bathroom sinks are hardly liable to stain. One important thing you must keep in mind is to preserve its patina. When once the patina is removed, the fine finish or texture of the sink faces some drastic changes. Most probably, its finish and elegant glow will vanish forever.

How should you clean a copper sink without causing damages to its patina?

Well, cleaning is so easy and quick. But remember to protect the patina. Never use hard fibrous substances to clean copper sinks. The best thing to use is a cotton cloth. Rub gently with it applying a mild soap. Then wash it with warm water. Then using a cotton cloth, pat it dry. This procedure helps you to keep your sink shiny and beautiful.

When you buy a copper bathroom sink, make sure it’s lead-free and made of pure copper. Also, it should be strong enough to last a longer time. Copper becomes stronger when hammered. Until then it’s yet another soft, malleable metal. Each hammer blow of the artisans makes the product much stronger.

Everybody can not afford to buy a hammered copper bathroom sink. Only a rare few has that fortune. So, enjoy it. Get the best advantage out of your money.

Handmade High Temperature Wood Fired Terracotta Clay Floor Tile Texture Variations

Unlimited Handmade Floor Tile Textures
There are an almost unlimited number of textures available when selecting floor tiles from companies such as BarroNica Building Products. These textures run the gamut from rough to smooth and include such specialized possibilities as embossing and distressing of the handmade clay floor tile.

sand text paver tile
Rough sand finished handmade clay paver tile

Rough Sand Finish
For those applications requiring a rough texture, such as sloped driveways or other areas where increased frictional resistance is required, a rough sand finish may be used.

embossed clay floor tile
Embossed handmade clay floor tile

Distressing and Antiqueing
Mechanically distressing handmade clay floor tile offers another way that tile texture can be varied. This process, when combined with rubbing compounds of various tints, is labor intensive but produces a unique aged patina that is normally found only in antique handmade clay floor tiles.

finished unfinished clay floor tile
Smooth unfinished and finished handmade clay floor tiles

Smooth or Semi-Rustica for Most Clay Tile Floors
The smooth texture is specified for most clay tile floors. For added texture when the floor is finished, the “semi-rustica” texture can be specified. Either texture can be finished in the same manner with either a liquid polymer finish, a wax finish, or a combination of the two.

arabesque large unfinished floor tile
Smooth textured handmade clay floor tile

Semi-Rustica textured handmade clay floor tile

Embossing adds a variation to handmade clay floor tile that both modifies the overall texture as well as adds a unique design touch.

distressed 5x5 floor tile
Distressed and antiqued handmade clay floor tile