Saltillo Floor Tiles create wonders in Home Decor

By now, you may be planning to remodel your home. What a lot of things to renovate? Walls, ceiling, furniture and the floor. What about the tiles then? Surely, you may not be satisfied with the existing status of the tiles you already have on your floor. Designs, colors, textures and artistry of the tiles may seem old-fashioned to you. Of course, the greatest attention must be paid to the aesthetic value of the tiles. The charm of the home decor should be appealing to everybody since home is the only place that creates memories that lasts for a life time. If you simply do not understand of how to apply home decor designs that aesthetically appeal to everyone, just read on. At the end, you’ll get a clear idea of it.

When it comes to talk about handmade Mexican Saltillo tiles, there’s a story behind each and every piece of them. The most intriguing fact about them is the way how they’re made. As you know, each piece of Saltillo tiles is molded and fired by the hands of craftsmen. So, in each piece, the hard work sweat and artistic feeling they bear in their hearts are visible. All the love for the production, customary patterns and even the rhythm of their heartbeat are engraved in the tiles that come as the final product. From the moment of kneading soil up to the moment the tile is taken out from the kiln the hard labor of the workers is counted so much. So, each piece of them have their own tearful story hidden within.

These are the factors one must consider in buying Saltillo tiles. Apart from the quality and durability, two of the following factors highly affect the great impact they create in any home décor style.

  • Color

One of the most popular varieties of tiles is Saltillo. They come in three prominent naturally-occurred colors. These colors are a result of variations in temperature inside the kiln. Terracotta, manganese and antique Saltillo are three different finishes that come in three different colors of their own. Saltillo tiles create a warm, hearty feeling in the hearts of customers increasing the overall purchase of the product. All the toiling, sweating and dedication of the workers may be the reason for the success of Saltillo tiles.

Perhaps, you may not be happy about the natural color of Saltillo tiles. In that case, you can change the color by hand painting them with the colors you prefer most. Tiles lay foundation for the success of any home décor style. The process of coloring them by hand enables the customers to create colorful designs that appeal to everybody at home.

  • Texture

Saltillo tiles do not have a smooth texture. They’re a bit rough due to the handmade finish and         the surface is rather bumpy.  Saltillo tiles are really special since that particular kind of soil is found only in Saltillo, Mexico. If you have selected Saltillo tiles to give a finish to your floor, that’s the best decision you’ve taken. Although the texture is a bit bumpy, Saltillo tile is attractive and looks almost natural. Its rustic look could be an additional plus to this brand.

Here are some common mistakes occurred in the installation of tiles. Since it’s rather a tough job, such things may happen to a craftsman. Anyway, if you consider to install Saltillo tiles, mind not to do these errors.  

  • Be careful in spraying paints to the tiles.

Avoid too much Spraying paint on the sides of the tile is When you seal Saltillo tiles, you must be careful not to spray paint to sides of the tiles which seat well to the other tiles. If these sides are washed with paint, it will be very hard to grout.

  • Sweep the surface clean before spraying paint

Wipe and clean the surface of all the tiles before spraying paint. Dirty surfaces badly affect the spraying process in two ways. Firstly. dirt accumulated on the tile surface will make blemishes after painting. On the other hand, clean surface of the tile is ideal to create a firm bond between the paint and tile. Well cleaned surfaces will be smooth after painting.

  • Care for the uneven backs

Saltillo tiles are not all even. There may be many pieces of tile which are not equal in height. In order to maintain the uniformity and level of the floor, an extra layer of thin set must be used. Never ignore these uneven parts when installing. Such a floor will be ugly-looking with lots of spots on it.

  • Never install Saltillo tiles in a hurry

Never take a bulk area to tile at one time. Always divide the floor into smaller portions. The better way is to make those portions smaller in size. All these happen because Saltillo tiles gets dry very quickly. The best portion to work at a time is 4-5 feet in length.

  • Allow sufficient time for the tiles to settle

After the hard spell of work, you may be quite curious to see the final finish of the new floor. But patience is the best thing. You have to wait at least 24 hours before you expose the tiles to light. And wait a minimum of 72 hours before letting others to step on the floor. Anyway, mind not to allow lots of traffic on the floor until it settle very well.

  • Smooth out the tiles in the opposite direction

Take a sponge and smooth out the tiles in the opposite direction. Never wipe it in the same direction you laid them. If you do it the wrong way, grouting will seem ugly and untidy.

So, did you see how much care you should take to get a grand final finish for your tiled floor? If you do it in the correct way, you’ll be a proud owner of an excellent floor studded with brilliant handmade Mexican Saltillo floor tiles.



Hammered Copper Sinks Bring Luxury into Your Bathroom

Everybody dreams to live in the lap of the luxury. But very few can make that dream a reality. Don’t you like to add at least one luxurious equipment to your home? A hammered copper bathroom sink is such an item that brightens your home with rustic beauty. After all, a copper sink in the bathroom means a long-term investment. It’s costlier, but more advantageous than buying a normal sink. A copper bathroom sink offers you lots of benefits that make you comfortable both physically and mentally.  A troublesome sink often creates stress in you. But a hammered copper sink is always the best in the market. So, it relieves your stress and offers you a comfortable life style.

Some people believe copper as a metal that turns green. But it’s only a myth. Copper never turns green or fades. Instead, it re-patinas, looks visually richer and stays forever beautiful. Copper sinks won’t stain, if you do not let them contact with acidic substances such as lime and orange juice. Usually, these juices don’t happen to come into the bathroom. So, copper bathroom sinks are hardly liable to stain. One important thing you must keep in mind is to preserve its patina. When once the patina is removed, the fine finish or texture of the sink faces some drastic changes. Most probably, its finish and elegant glow will vanish forever.

How should you clean a copper sink without causing damages to its patina?

Well, cleaning is so easy and quick. But remember to protect the patina. Never use hard fibrous substances to clean copper sinks. The best thing to use is a cotton cloth. Rub gently with it applying a mild soap. Then wash it with warm water. Then using a cotton cloth, pat it dry. This procedure helps you to keep your sink shiny and beautiful.

When you buy a copper bathroom sink, make sure it’s lead-free and made of pure copper. Also, it should be strong enough to last a longer time. Copper becomes stronger when hammered. Until then it’s yet another soft, malleable metal. Each hammer blow of the artisans makes the product much stronger.

Everybody can not afford to buy a hammered copper bathroom sink. Only a rare few has that fortune. So, enjoy it. Get the best advantage out of your money.